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Prestige French Chocolate

  in Provenance and Preparation


Founded in France in 1842, Cacao Barry® set the standard in cacao and chocolate expertise, excellence, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. For more than 175 years, the Barry Company has invested in cocoa plantations, factories, and communities in both Africa and South America. They ethically harvest and scrupulously transform the very best fair trade cocoa beans into the most refined and delicate French cocoa and chocolate. Paris In A Chocolate™ is proud to state that we are a "Chocolate with Conscience" using Cacoa Barry's fleur de cao 70-percent chocolate noir. 


In 1880, Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle created the most prestigious liqueur in the world. His recipe of West Indies oranges, exotic and rare at the time, was blended with the finest French cognac. The noble creation was then combined with secret ingredients, aged in oak casks, and named Curaçao Marnier. However Cesar Ritz, the owner of Paris's Ritz Hotel, encouraged Lapostolle to give his grand liqueur a grand name and go against the current French trend of the time naming everything "petit." Thus, the enduring Grand Marnier® legend was born. Paris In A Chocolate™ contains 1% Grand Marnier® Liqueur by volume.


Paris In A Chocolate's sublime grand cachets are an alchemy of the finest and most natural ingredients sourced worldwide. Chef Ann Kirseböm applies the traditional French culinary philosophy of simplicity through culinary skill, and minimal, albeit the best, quality ingredients to create her haute chocolate. Chef Ann's inimitable composition is an irresistible harmony, an exceptional complexity, of Cacao Barry® chocolate, Grand Marnier® Liqueur, organic coconut oil, pure orange oil, and premium artisan cocoa butter partially tinted with vegetables and FDA approved color.


A fusion of modern innovation and mastered methods, timelessness and tradition, Paris In A Chocolate™ evokes a true, unique, luxury chocolate experience. Commencing with the design, an exact replica of the Grand Marnier® wax seal, a bespoke chocolate mould was commissioned from Belgium's most revered chocolate mould maker. Each Paris In A Chocolate™ grand cachet is hand-made by passionate chocolate artisans using the most time-honored European techniques. Unique for fine chocolate, the grand cachets are generous in sophistication and size for expanded savoring and enchanting presentations. A captivating visual work of art, Paris In A Chocolate™ is a lavish chocolate feast for all of the senses.

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