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Luxury Rouge Collection

Debut 2018

Upon popular demand, the seal on our 2018 Luxury Rouge Collection now features the global icon for romance, inspiration, and Paris - the beautiful Eiffel Tower. The Luxury Rouge Collection ingredients remain France's finest, the same recipe and ingredients as in our Premiere Luxury Collection of Paris In A Chocolate™.

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Paris In A Chocolate Luxury Rouge
Paris In A Chocolate Luminous Luxury

Luminous Luxury Collection 

Debut 2019

Glamour is a major pillar of Parisian style.  A touch of gold is often the key in achieving it. In a nod to timeless and sophisticated French je n’ais sais quoi, our 2019 Luminous Luxury Collection introduces a glorious gilded Paris In A Chocolate™. The edible gold is an extra dose of elegance to our original beloved chocolate grand cachet. This edition will also feature the iconic Eiffel Tower in the mould and be the same recipe as our Premiere Luxury Collection of Paris In A Chocolate™.

Premiere Luxury Collection

 2014 - 2017

After being courted by Grand Marnier® and granted a rare licensing agreement, Chef Ann Kirseböm debuted her Premiere Luxury Collection of Paris In A Chocolate™ in 2014. A first of its kind chocolate, each hand-crafted grand cache is artistically molded into an exact replica of the Marnier-Lapostolle red family seal. The seal, which adorns the ribbon on the iconic Grand Marnier® bottle, is symbolic of centuries of French elegance and excellence. Paris In A Chocolate™ is filled with the highest quality French dark chocolate ganache infused with the legendary Grand Marnier® orange and cognac liqueur. 

Paris In A Chocolate Premiere Luxury

Premiere Luxury Single Collection


Paris Champagne Box

For Canadian/US orders only.
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