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The Story

After being courted by Grand Marnier® and inspired by personal trip invitations to their exclusive company properties, including the storied Marnier-Lapostolle family mansion Villa Les Cedres, Chef Ann Kirseböm entered a coveted licensing agreement with the preeminent French brand for her gourmet sauces.

One day, the stamped red wax seal fell off Ann's Grand Marnier® bottle's ribbon. New inspiration struck the lifelong chocolate lover. Chef Ann took her vision of "Paris In A Chocolate" to Grand Marnier®. They enthusiastically embraced her innovative recipe using their legendary liqueur. In addition, Grand Marnier® also approved Chef Ann's chocolate design, a "Grand Cachet," an exact replica, though larger, of Grand Marnier's iconic wax seal. Paris In A Chocolate™ debuted with acclaim in 2014.  

Chef Ann Kirseböm

Heir to French culinary traditions and guided by her mother's elevated taste for excellence, Chef Ann Kirseböm perfects the fine art of chocolate with mastery of technique, texture, and taste.


Classically French trained, including tutelage from Chef Julia Child, Chef Ann has globetrotted the world as an Executive Chef,  a culinary educator of South of France cuisine,  and as a Dame d'Escoffier. A lifelong love and palette for fine chocolate is the foundation for her creation of Paris In A Chocolate™.

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