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Uniquely French. Luxury chocolate.

Paris In A Chocolate™ artisan chocolates are filled with aromatic ganache handcrafted with France's finest ethically-sourced dark chocolate and legendary French orange and cognac liqueur.

Paris In A Chocolate™ grand cachets have been selectively served and gifted at exclusive affairs at Château de Versailles, Parisian Embassies, Ambassador Residences in France, as well as numerous soirées and special events in Europe and North America. 


The Paris In A Chocolate™ story is what the French call a "coupe de foudre" ~ a flash of lightning, overwhelming love at first sight, an astonishing occurrence.


This fortuitous moment struck inspiration for an original French fine chocolate perfected with a mastery of technique, texture, and taste.


Prestige French chocolate in provenance and preparation.

The finest French chocolate. 

The finest French orange and cognac liqueur.

The finest ingredients.

The finest artisanal techniques.


An illustrious landscape of inspiration, imagination, and intellect.

A glorious gem of grandeur, glamour, and gastronomic history.

A chocolate truly worthy of Marie Antoinette's table.

Our grand cachets are a passionate tribute to Paris and Chocolate ~ for centuries of captivated lovers.  


Alluring. Affecting. 

Seductive. Sophisticated.

Just as a day in the life of Paris, our grand cachet original delivers distinctive layers of delight that awaken all of the senses ~ from the the artful design, generous size, and heavenly aroma, to the exceptional pleasure experienced taste after taste. 


Paris In A Chocolate™ luxury chocolate inspires sumptuous savoring and sweet reflections. Très beau!

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